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Hawaii Green Growth is a public private partnership committed to advancing economic, social and environmental goals, and a recognized United Nations Local2030 Hub that scales local sustainability solutions to global challenges. Hawaii Green Growth formed in response to the 2011 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit to identify green growth priorities and advance a green economy within an island context.

The Aloha+ Challenge: He Nohona Aeoia is a statewide commitment to achieve Hawaii’s sustainability goals, and serves as a local framework to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Aloha+ Challenge was launched in 2014 by HGG public and private sector partners with leadership from the State, Counties, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and State Legislature. The Aloha+ Challenge enjoys unprecedented political support to achieve time-bound sustainability goals and indicators, which are measured through an open-data impact Dashboard. HGG works with public and private partners on joint policies, initiatives, and communications that advance Hawaii’s Aloha+ Challenge goals. The Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard is an online open-data platform to track progress, provide accountability and ensure transparency on Hawaii’s economic, social, and environmental priorities.

The Hawaii Green Growth - Aloha+ Challenge VISTA project will seek to (1) support development of a technical and local workforce via a new Dashboard Lab, (2) advance progress on the State's food security goals through new public and private sector commitments to local food production, and (3) support the next generation of local
leaders by providing a new growth pathway that cultivates student knowledge and fosters youth leadership.


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